The Osmosian Order
of Plain English Programmers
Plain English Programming
Imagine a programming language that:

• Has keywords like A, AN and THE
• Lets you code what you're thinking
• Can recompile itself in 3 seconds

It's Plain English
Our Sample Application
Imagine a program that can paint:

• Any person, place, or thing you name
• In the style of Claude Monet
• In 300 lines of Plain English code
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The Complete Package
• Full-Screen Desktop Interface
• Super-Smooth Text Editor
• Elegant Page Layout Program
• Plain English Compiler and Linker
• General Purpose Subroutine Library
• Over 100 Pages of Documentation
• Source Code for All of the Above
Frequently Asked Questions
What language is it written in?
Plain English.
Does it produce native code?
Nothing but.
Does it need a runtime library?
Absolutely not.
What do I need to run it?
Windows XP, Vista or 7. Yuk.
How big is the download?
About 1 megabyte.
What format is the documentation?
PDF with Plain English source.
The Manifesto
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